Fri. Jul 21st, 2023
New York Child Custody Lawyer Martin Mohr Delivers Essential Insight into Children’s Passports in Latest Article

Navigating the world of child passports can be daunting, but New York child custody lawyer Martin Mohr ( is making it easier with his newly released article, ‘What You Need To Know About Your Child’s Passport’. The article sheds light on crucial information that parents should understand about their children’s passports and the intricacies involved in the application and renewal process.

In the first part of the article, Mohr, a distinguished New York child custody lawyer, provides vital details regarding the necessity of passports for U.S. citizen children, whether travel is on the horizon or not. He articulates, “every child who is a U.S. citizen must have a U.S. Passport”. It is a preeminent guide for parents who might be applying for their child’s first passport or reapplying for an expired one.

The New York child custody lawyer further elaborates on potential scenarios that parents may encounter during travel, such as adjusting parenting time schedules and ensuring the safekeeping of passports. “Make a photocopy of the passport. It will make replacement that much easier if it is lost or misplaced,” suggests Mohr.

Diving into the application process, Mohr highlights the steps that need to be taken if one party is unwilling to apply for the passport. He underlines the importance of the DS-11 form, the passport application form, and the DS-3053 form, which should be provided to the non-applying party.

Mohr’s comprehensive guide also covers the federal laws governing children traveling to another country and the prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. “Federal law states that any child below 16 years old must get the signature of both of their parents in order for them to apply and be granted a passport,” Mohr informs.

Additionally, the article addresses the issue of traveling with a child who does not share the parent’s last name, and the extra documents needed to ensure a smooth traveling experience. “You should always bring a notarized copy of the child’s birth certificate when traveling together,” advises Mohr.

Lastly, the New York child custody lawyer explicates the duration of validity for a child’s passport and the renewal process, emphasizing the importance of regular renewal due to the rapid physical changes in children.

This insightful article is a must-read for any parent, guardian, or caregiver considering international travel with children. Mohr’s comprehensive guidance demystifies the child passport process and offers practical advice based on his extensive experience as a child custody lawyer.

New York Family Law Group invites parents, guardians, and caregivers to read Martin Mohr’s latest article to gain a better understanding of the passport process for children. Visit the New York Family Law Group’s website today to access this valuable resource.

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