Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Every year the Beijing Chinese Film Festival (Beijing Film Festival) holds several of the largest conferences with film industry specialists both online and in real life.

The last Beijing Film Festival was held on October 8, 2022 as an international Film Festival Forum and Conference in Beijing at one of the biggest hotels in Beijing: Beijing Hotel, No.33 East Chang’an Street Dongcheng District.

The Beijing Film Festival aims to screen foreign-licensed short films, feature films, documentaries and feature films. The festival supports young foreign authors and promotes their work in the Chinese market. The Beijing Film Festival also supports national cinema. The best films of China, with the support of the film festival and on its recommendations, are exhibited at foreign partner film festivals. In this way, national cinema develops, and the Chinese audience gets the opportunity to see the best foreign films and works.

The Beijing Film Festival gives one the opportunity, through their great speakers and excellent film experts, to represent their interests and promote different films to huge audiences both in China and abroad.

In order to promote their national Chinese films in the European and North American continents, as well as to screen the best European films and works on a large-scale basis, they have created an international division of the Beijing Film Festival.

The Beijing’s Film Festival direction of activity is based on friendship and mutual assistance. For more than 12 years Beijing Film Festival has hosted its own film festivals all over the world, and also helped other festivals to take place in China providing full help and support. Beijing Film Festival does not set boundaries in the world of cinema and is open and free for the entire film industry. With such a big and strong company as Filmfreeway, the festival enters the world markets.

At the Beijing Film Festival the industry professionals get the opportunity to meet leading representatives of the Chinese film industry, as well as international film experts.

At the Beijing Film Festival the filmmakers get the opportunity to screen one’s Chinese films to the international audience and show International films to the great Chinese film industry market.

At the Beijing Film Festival the filmmakers get the opportunity to set up Q and A’s with leading representatives of the Chinese film industry, as well as international film experts.

Beijing Film Festival is an excellent platform for the exchange of experience between Chinese and foreign directors, sets new trends in the film industry in China, and is a place for discovering and developing new talents. As part of the festival, more than 250 local and international projects are shown in 20 cinemas in Beijing, lectures, concerts and other events are held.

Festivals website: http://bffest.com/

Submission page: https://filmfreeway.com/BeijingChineseFilmFestival

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